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2017... Year of the Electronic Musician

What is it that makes us a musician? Maybe you have studied in traditional streams or maybe gathered experience by simply playing, practicing and performing. Whatever the case, in 2017, there has never been a better time to jump in and take charge of your own musical adventure.

Over the course of the past 40 years, we have seen the electronic music industry grow to a point where it is not just the elite or technically minded musicians that benefit, but anyone that is interested in connecting to music for pleasure or profit. The world may have partied like it was 1999 thanks to Prince and his wonderful lyrics, but people born in that year are turning 18 this year and the options available have also come of age!

Most of us these days have a laptop, tablet or phone that we can utilize in creating or performing music. The advantage of this is that we need a computer for other things in our world, so having it available as the brain for our Studio, DJ Console or Live Show is great as we don’t have to purchase a specific unit with no other use. Many of us have even started finding creative and professional ways to use our mobile devices, whether they be tablets or mobiles, iOS or Android, there is something for everyone at every level.

This also means there is much less to learn in terms of keeping our gear working. We understand that if we leave our computer or device on for 12 days at a time, it probably won’t run as well as if we turn it off occasionally. We also understand the controls and menus, so everything remains a lot more recognizable and simple to setup in a way that is perfect for our music.

So, with a great brain in our computer, we now need a controller to take control of the brain and the software stored within it! If we play as a DJ, we may use software such as Traktor Pro, or Serato DJ. If we are producing music, many of us are tapping into the power of DAWs such as Ableton Live and Maschine. Regardless of what software you love, there is undoubtably a control surface to match its features.

We are very lucky that we live in an age where our technology is running a lot faster than any of us. In under 15 years, the audio industry has seen so many advancements in terms of the gear and technology we use. USB is now a lot faster and can carry a lot more data. This means that our control devices don’t just need to trigger a feature in the software, but can also show you what is happening in your software in real-time. This has been a great advancement as it has stopped DJs especially needing to look at laptops during a set which has always looked like someone checking email.

2017 is going to be a bright year for new ideas. We are seeing large audio companies such as InMusic reinventing brands such as Denon DJ. Denon DJ was an amazing brand in the 90’s, but lost its way with the growth of Pioneer DJ in the early ’00s. Denon DJ is now a true contender with products released this month including the SC50000 media player that is going to be a huge focus at NAMM in January. It is not just the large companies though that are finding way to innovate. Whether you love to watch the Kickstarter campaigns or boutique manufacturers, the truth is, there has never been more choice for anyone interested in starting out, continuing to grow or reconnecting with music in 2017.

Let the team at Massive Pro Audio help you find the perfect equipment this year. Contact us by clicking here and just remember. There are no stupid questions, we all start somewhere!