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A Turntable is the original instrument used by DJs between the mid 1970’s and 2001, when Pioneer CDJ’s came onto the market. A turntable, or ‘deck’ is not like your grandparents old units that play 78s, but a true masterpiece that is still loved by DJs and music lovers today.

A DJ turntable has what is known as a direct drive motor, rather than being belt-driven. This gives the turntable much greater torque to start and stop the record with much higher precision and get it up to speed as quickly as possible. This means that if you use a turntable to mix, scratch, sync or cut, you can do so with greater precision, and make the dance-floor your own.

Many years ago now, Technics stopped making their famous SL Turntables and have just recently started again. Many other companies has been designing and creating quality decks that have made their way into countless DJ booths and homes around the world.

Touching the vinyl and listening to its analog recording is still an artform that connects music lovers everywhere. Here at Massive Pro Audio we love our TT’s and have a great range perfect for the bedroom DJs right through to the consummate professionals looking for a turntable that will take punishment night after night.

If you need any support in finding the perfect Turntable for your setup, then contact one of the Massive Pro Audio team and let us help find you the perfect turntable.

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