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Roland Corporation is a company adored by electronic musicians and has been since its creation in the 1970’s. We are not sure if the team behind their first range of instruments had any idea about their future impact, but their original ideas have created some of the most iconic drum machines, synths and keyboards that continue to inspire recording and live performers to this day.

Originally created in the 1980’s the TR-808, TR-909, TB-303 paved the way for modern sound, performance and sequencing of electronic music and today their latest replications of these and other instruments showcase Roland’s dedication to fans and music lovers alike.

Here at Massive Pro Audio, we are excited to carry the new range of Roland Aira equipment for producers and DJs. New models such as the Roland DJ-808, TB-3, TR-8 and VT-3 offer new producers a piece of history in a whole new package that is true to the sound, but accessible in terms of comparative pricing

If you are thinking about adding new Roland equipment to your studio or DJ console, then Massive Pro Audio is the perfect place to explore and discuss your options. Our team of support staff are here, ready to answer all your questions, so if you want any help choosing the right piece for you, then email us now or simply view our extensive range of Roland below.

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