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Pioneer DJ has been at the forefront of professional DJ design since they created their first CDJ and DJM models in the 1990’s. Here at Massive Pro Audio, we understand that if you want to perform on industry standard equipment, that means learning how to mix with Pioneer DJ gear.

We stock a massive range of Pioneer Pro DJ that is designed to give you the best features that sing in ergonomic harmony so you can do what you do best, rock the crowd.

If you are looking for industry standard club equipment, you can’t go past Pioneer’s CDJ Media Player and DJM Mixer, both part of the Nexus 2 Series. With their outstanding capabilities under heavy use, these units are what you see in most DJ booths around the world!

Pioneer has more recently ventured into the world of controllers, creating a massive range of Serato controllers for beginners, right through to professional units such as the DDJ-RZX.

If you are looking for any advice on your next piece of Pioneer DJ, then email the Massive team now and let us help find the perfect solution!

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