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Our package area at Massive Pro Audio is the perfect place to start if you are looking for a complete setup to perform as a DJ, with your band or in the studio.

For beginners, we have created a range of great packages that give you an idea of the various things that you require to get started. It also is a great area for professionals looking for a new rig and wants to get the best price possible!

We have 3 main areas in our Packages Section on Massive Pro Audio. We have packages for DJs. These generally include your main instruments, plus headphones, cables and accessories. Our Studio Packages are designed with all the major components included, such as a DAW, monitors, cables and audio interface. Our Live Sound Packages are designed around the speakers, giving you various sizes for different size audiences and venues.

If you need any support putting together a package that suits your needs, contact our team at Massive Pro Audio and let us customize a package to suit your needs!

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