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Native Instruments or NI as its also known is a company that has reinvented the way we perform and create electronic music. Born in 1996, NI were mainly focused on the software side, building incredible sound synthesis software for computer producers. DJs were not left out, with Traktor DJ software hitting the market just a few years later and offering a whole new concept in the way we performed.

Weather you are a DJ or sound producer or somewhere in between, NI is a company that makes life easier, more streamlined and way more exciting.

The Traktor software has lead NI to create a range of hardware that works seamlessly with their software. Every button mapped with each of the main controls such as Transport, Jog Wheel, Effects and browsing enabled via the Kontrol DJ controllers in the S4, S2, S8, D2, S5 and undoubtably more on the way!

There are countless software packages that NI have created for producers, but Komplete is the package that has captured the imaginations of todays market. With hundreds of individual packs, sounds, samples, loops, synths and kits, Komplete gives you the power of a full hardware studio, without owning a single box (except your computer of course!).

Maschine is NI’s latest offering for the Digital production world. As a controller designed to work in the studio, on stage or anywhere else you desire to carry it, Maschine gives you physical controls to streamline building and creating with software packages such as Komplete.

We love NI here at Massive Pro Audio. Our team use Traktor and Komplete and the various controllers that sit in-between. If you have any questions regarding any of our Native Instruments range, please email us and we will happily help you work out the best gear to fit your needs.

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