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With a history that reaches back to 1988 when it launched as Midiman, M-Audio is a company that has given artists across the world an opportunity to create music with their computer.

Their original objective was to create software and hardware solutions to support the ever growing user base of MIDI, audio and computers in electronic music production.

It was 2000 when Midiman became M-Audio, focusing in on the MIDI and audio interface market, bringing more and more products that were accessible to the market.

In 2002, the release of the M-Audio Oxygen series showcased a whole new life for keyboards and their control. Now as a part of the InMusic group, M-Audio continues to release a range of studio based tools, including monitors, controllers, headphones as well as their audio and MIDI interfaces.

Massive Pro Audio understands your need for quality and reliability and we stand behind our great range of M-Audio devices we stock. If you have any questions regarding our range, please contact us or view the products below for further information.

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