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The Live Sound section of Massive Pro Audio is where you will find everything you need to mix, amplify and project your performance to your audience. Live Sound includes the speakers, amplifiers, microphones, mixers, bags, packages and accessories that you need to keep your stage and sounds in order!

For many of us that just want to perform, it can be quite daunting to find the perfect solution without overspending.

Here at Massive Pro Audio we understand that our customers want great sounding speakers at a great price, so we have selected a range of active (speakers with amplifiers built in) and passive (speakers without amplifiers) speakers that have enough power so you can feel the bass when required, or simply just use them for quality background sound.

Microphones on the stage are very different to what you will use in a studio. A performer on stage will generally use a dynamic microphone, that is designed for the purpose of performance and our range of live sound microphones reflects this. If you are looking for other types of microphones, including condenser or ribbon, please view our range in our studio section.

A mixer for live sound is designed so that your sound engineer who mixes your band can easily adjust volume, eq and other effect and sound settings of your various instruments. The larger the mixers generally are so you can plug in more musicians at once and to have more routing and grouping options.

We love live sound here at Massive Pro Audio. If you are looking for a setup for your DJ or live rig, or if you are looking for the perfect setup for your garage or gigs and need some help, then contact us and talk to one of our staff who will help recommend some choices for you.

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