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Ahhh headphones, those glorious headbands containing sound capsules that give us the personal freedom to hear what we want without interruption! In the professional audio market, headphones are far from the free earbuds you receive with your mobile phone, rather they are designed to clearly replicate the sounds you require when either DJing, in the Studio or for Live applications.

People ask us all the time. Which are the best headphones? And for this there is no one answer. With such a varied use for headphones, there are models to suit your wants and needs.

In the studio, you want a pair of headphones that gives you a truely flat response, meaning that neither the low, mid or high frequencies are equalized or ‘colored’. You then need to think of the driver size for comfort and the overall sound you require.

For the DJ, you may want a studio-like headphone, such as the famous Sennheiser HD-25II or you might prefer to have a headphone with more bass which is popular in the models from Numark and Pioneer.

Regardless of the headphone you pick, it is important to use your new headphones with respect. They are designed to play consistently for years with some love and by not always turning the level up to 11!

If you are trying to find the right headphone for your needs and need some advice, send the Massive Pro Audio team an email by clicking here.

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