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Denon DJ has been a main-stay of the DJ industry since the 90’s when their revolutionary CD players hit the market and every DJ booth around the world. Models such as the DN-2000F helped artists carry more music on digital media.

With a rich history creating incredible audio equipment, the Denon DJ range enabled DJs to pitch-shift and mix music stored on a CD, rather than simply a vinyl record.

After 2001, Denon DJ struggled to compete with new emerging technologies created by competitors such as Pioneer DJ, but continued to create world-leading ideas such as the motorized platter on their single 3900 media player.

The biggest change in many decades for Denon DJ came when the company was purchased by Jack O’Donnell of the InMusic group. InMusic has spent the last few years creating a new vision for Denon DJ so the brand could once again be a main player for professional DJs.

Massive Pro Audio was invited to witness the next range of equipment launching for Denon DJ in 2017. The all-new Prime Series is a range of Media, Turntable and Mixer products that have given Denon a whole new life. Their incredible new features - not seen elsewhere and beautifully strong equipment is what we have been waiting for from Denon DJ and we are excited to share more about this brand in the coming months and years.

If you are looking to expand your console and want to talk about how Denon DJ could fit in your new setup, then contact our team at Massive Pro Audio and find out how these products can work in your work-flow.

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