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Like so many fantastic, creative ideas that have come before it, Crane Hardware is a brand that started as a back-of-the-napkin conversation only a decade ago in 2007. The problem that Crane set out to fix was that the industry had, at the time, no great laptop stand designs that catered to the ever growing market of digital musicians.

Crane Stands are made from the highest quality components and are designed to be endlessly adjusted and extremely portable. Here at Massive Pro Audio we not only sell Crane, but USE Crane! Their versatile design is so perfect and enables you to get your gear setup so it is exactly how you need, whether you are short, tall, standing or sitting, a Crane Stand will keep your laptop out of the way and at the perfect viewing angle.

While over the past the design has been upgraded, the Crane Stands still offer artists the perfect and ultra sexy option so your stand suits your needs and keeps your laptop solidly racked and ready to roll. Our team at Massive Pro Audio is ready to help you discover the benefits of Crane Hardware, so if you have any questions regarding the range, then contact us now, or simply view our range below.

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